AFS Licence Provider for Investment Managers, Fintechs, Research Providers, Financial Advisers…

Bespoke Portfolio holds an AFSL licence that enables its Authorised Representative’s to give advice in a Managed Discretionary Account (MDA) regulatory environment. We can help provide both Operating and Investment Management solutions to help practices set up the framework required to streamline advice, execution and compliance.

Provide consultation to facilitate system integration

The Bespoke management team has the experience and knowledge to help Financial Planners and Investment Managers to realise their strategic plan. We aim to liaise with third party product providers and integrate with proprietary systems to help our clients build an efficient, cost effective, end to end advice service.

Ongoing Compliance & Risk Management

Once authorised under Bespoke Portfolio we specialise in maintaining ongoing compliance. MDA’s can have two components, ‘Provider’ and ‘External Investment Manager’. Bespoke Portfolio has the right team in place to support the set up and on-going compliance of both these components.